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Workshop by Brenda Romero


RPG Design Workshop: From Concept to Combat in Three Hours

> Brenda Romero (Romero Games)

The RPG Design Workshop takes designers from concept through to a fully functional RPG in the space of just three hours. Working together in groups of three to four, designers collaborate to determine character, conflict and setting while practicing iterative and emergent system design. Players constrain the core, take risks toward rewarding play, and push the boundaries of “what if?” in search of new gameplay experiences. Brenda Romero has worked on RPGs for over twenty years, including titles in the seminal Dungeons & Dragons and Wizardry series. This workshop has been offered at many universities and companies worldwide.

> Bio

Brenda Romero is a BAFTA award-winning game designer, artist and Fulbright scholar who entered the video game industry in 1981. As a designer, she has worked on 47 games and contributed to many seminal titles, including the Wizardry and Jagged Alliance series and titles in the Ghost Recon, Dungeons & Dragons and Def Jam franchises. Away from the machine, her analog series of six games, The Mechanic is the Message, has drawn national and international acclaim, particularly Train and Siochán Leat (often called 'The Irish Game') which is presently housed in the National Museum of Play. Most recently, she received the 2017 Development Legend award at the Develop: Brighton. In 2015, she won the coveted Ambassador’s Award at the Game Developers Choice Awards. In 2014, she received a Fulbright award to study Ireland’s game industry, academic and government policies. In 2013, she was named one of the top 10 game developers by and Develop magazine listed her among the 25 people who changed games in 2013. Romero co-owns Romero Games based in Galway.

> When

31.5.2018, 09:00 - 12:00

> Where

Impact Hub Brno
Cyrilská 7, 602 00 Brno

> Admission price

3 590 CZK / 1 person
2966.78 CZK without VAT

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