Game Access ‘18 30 - 31 May | Brno, Czech Republic
Game Access Week BRNO, Czech Republic

Game Access Academy

Workshop by Jarek Kolář


Project Planning: Predicting Deadlines with Creative Teams

> Jarek Kolář (Bohemia Interactive)
Development Director

How often you are on the start of the development with just an idea, concept or simple prototype wondering about production questions: How much time it will take to make the full game? How much risks and unknowns does it involve? Getting the right answers on innovative projects produced by creative teams is more like fortunetelling, but there are some techniques that help you ground your project in reality and predict your deadlines. Practical workshop with techniques explained on the examples from Vietcong, Mafia and Argo games.

> Take Away

Ability to make a rough production plan before developing the game

> Audience Adressed

Any team who struggle with deadlines

> Bio

Jarek is a veteran Czech game producer known for old point-n-click adventures, Vietcong and later Mafia 2. Currently he leads people and projects in Bohemia Interactive. He is also occasional designer, freelance writer, pixel artist, interactive media theorist, renegade architect and amateur cook.

> When

30.5.2018, 16:00 - 18:00

> Where

South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC)
Purkynova 127, 612 00 Brno

> Admission price

190 CZK / 1 person
157.02 CZK without VAT

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