Game Access ‘18 30 - 31 May | Brno, Czech Republic
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Masterclass by Pascal Luban

Advanced masterclass

The Design of Freemium Games

> Pascal Luban

A master class with Pascal Luban, the game designer that works on both triple-A (Splinter Cell, Alone In The Dark, Wanted – Weapons of Fate) and mobile games.

> Audience

Game designers, creative directors and project leads that already know the basics of freemium design and need to further their skills.

> Content

  • Monetization strategies - What are their pros and cons? How to define the monetization strategies best adapted to your game?
  • Retention - How to retain your players after their first game session? How to build a successful long term retention strategy?
  • Economic design - How to control the player’s progression? How to define the prices of items sold in soft currencies?
  • Hardcore versus casual gamers - What are the key issues when designing a game for hardcore gamers?
  • Metrics - What are the key metrics to follow and why?
The master class is supported by case studies to demonstrate key learnings.

> Take-aways

  • Best practices to engage players during their early game sessions and to retain them over the long term
  • Review of all monetization strategies, their pros and cons
  • Technique to define leveling thresholds and players progression
  • Technique to define the price of items sold in soft currency
  • Description of key metrics, the way to compute them and their use
  • Strategies to monetize a game targeting hardcore gamers.

> More information

> When

30.5.2018, 09:00 - 15:45

> Where

South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC)
Purkynova 127, 612 00 Brno

> Who

Pascal Luban
Freelance game designer for 20 years, who had the opportunity to work for clients like Ubisoft, DICE, Activision, Sony or Infogrames. More information.

> Admission price

4 990 CZK / 1 person
4123.74 CZK without VAT

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