Game Access ‘18 1 - 2. June | Brno, Czech Republic
Game Access Week BRNO, Czech Republic
Martin Sobek
Hangar 13

Martin Sobek

Lead Rendering Engineer

I've been passionate about making games since 1992. I studied computer science at Masaryk University in Czech Rebublic with a specialization in computer graphics. I joined Illusion Softworks in 2007 and worked on 'Mafia II'. I moved to Hangar 13 in California in 2013 and led the rendering team towards a successful release of Mafia III. I've moved back to the Brno office of Hangar 13 in Jan 2018.

Some of the games Martin worked on
Martin at Game Access '18

Real-time Reflections in Mafia III and Beyond
Specular reflection plays a major role in overall visuals. Many methods exist to compute indirect specular (reflection), however all of the currently used techniques have many issues with image stability, floating reflections, missing reflection anisotropy, etc. This session will share how we implemented a hybrid screen-space and cube-map array tracing for 'Mafia III'. This method combined importance sampling with large screen-space blur. It addressed floating reflections and image stability as SSR/CM blend was seamless but didn't produce proper material response and introduced leaking on high-roughness materials. This talk will present an improved version that eliminates the large screen-space blur with smart sample distribution, spatio-temporal filter, screen and CM pre-filtering. This method works well on whole roughness range and achieves full-res reflections in about 3 ms on PS4 at 1080p.