Game Access ‘18 1 - 2. June | Brno, Czech Republic
Game Access Week BRNO, Czech Republic
Valentin Simonov

Valentin Simonov

Field Engineer

In Unity Technologies Valentin works closely with game development studios making sure that Unity serves their needs, helping them with their technical issues and educating developers on low-level details of the engine. By speaking at conferences, writing educational blog posts and doing trainings on various topics, he shares the knowledge and best practices of Unity game development. Valentin helped dozens of studios to release their games on time and squeeze more performance from the engine, resulting in smoother gameplay.

Some of the games Valentin worked on
Valentin at Game Access '18

Understanding Memory Management on iOS
The number one source of one-star reviews in App Store is out of memory crashes. iOS is very strict in this regard, terminating any app failing to fit into the memory limit. In this session you will learn low-level details about iOS memory management, how to interpret the numbers shown by Unity Profiler, Xcode, and Instruments, as well as, how to use these tools to find out what data in your game consumes much memory.