Game Access ‘18 1 - 2. June | Brno, Czech Republic
Game Access Week BRNO, Czech Republic
Tomáš Kleinmann
Powerplay Studio

Tomáš Kleinmann

Game Designer

Starting as a game reviewer, Tomáš focused on videoreviews as a co-founder of, a website heavily focused on computer and console games. After 8 years of writing and video editing, he decided to join the ranks of game designers in Pixel Federation. He went on to work for Madfinger Games and Powerplay Studio, where he is currently working on the upcoming mobile title called Ski Legends.

Some of the games Tomáš worked on
Tomáš at Game Access '18

Game Design in PowerPlay Studio
How important is it to have your own game design department? What can an experienced game designer bring to the table? Two of PowerPlay Studio’s game designers talk about the processes they apply when creating games as well as some theoretical background that’s good to know before you put pen to the paper.